Discover Higher Education in Montana

Our state is full of wonder and packed with everything that comes to mind when folks dream of Montana: it is blessed with large agricultural valleys, snow-capped mountains, big ranches, spectacular views, trout-filled rivers, abundant history, and a slow-paced, genuine Montana way of life.

“I have never been on a college tour (and I’ve done many) in which the admissions staffs worked harder to make sure we were comfortable, entertained and informed.”

Meet the schools

When you visit Montana, we’re certain our world-class colleges and universities will leave a lasting impression. Our two flagship campuses are magnets for top-notch faculty and researchers, in addition to students from around the country and across the globe. You have the opportunity to spend ample time on the campuses of Montana State University and The University of Montana.  We encourage you to explore affiliate campuses of each flagship, including:

University of Montana Campuses

  • The University of Montana - Western

  • Montana Technological University

Montana State University Campuses

  • Montana State University - Billings

  • Montana State University - Northern

“I was favorably impressed by what I saw at each of the campuses. There appeared to be wonderful balance between academic enrichment in the classroom and hand-on learning outside.”

Learn more

The Montana Counselor Tour will take place July 22 - 26, 2019. Our application is currently available online here. Please submit your application no later than February 1st, 2019.

We also encourage you to visit any of our Montana schools in our beautiful state any time throughout the year!