Where do we stay while on the tour?

We house you in the residence halls on each campus. You will get a true student experience by staying in the same places that students live.

Can I secure a single room?

We try to honor all requests for single rooms. We assume that spouses are interested in sharing a room but please contact us directly if you have different preferences. 

What amenities are provided in the residence halls?

Each room will provide linens, pillows, and towels. All campuses provide bathrooms that are shared by the other visitors on said floor and/or wing. You will have access to wi-fi in certain parts of the residence hall or other buildings on campus.

Do you provide accommodations before and after the tour?

We provide accommodations in residence halls both before and after if your travel plans are modified. If you need additional days, please contact us directly.

Can I choose to stay in a hotel rather than on campus?

On-campus accommodations are provided as a part of the $300 registration fee. Keep in mind that the rooms are basic, without the amenities one can expect at a hotel. Counselors may choose other off-campus accommodations. However, counselors who choose that option are responsible for their own transportation to and from campus. The tour does not shuttle in between hotels and the campus.